Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm A Stoopid Mommy Blogger

Various defenders of CPSIA assert baldly that many of us who are opposed to it are mere "mommy bloggers" who are spreading "misinformation" about CPSIA. Yes, that's right, we are stoopid, because when we read the law itself, lawyers' interpretations of the law, industry professionals' interpretations of the law, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission's interpretation of the law, we somehow get the mistaken impression that it applies to books, dirt bikes, BMX bikes, ATVs, clothing, bibs, ballpoint pens, thrift stores, and many other things that we've wrongly assumed were covered under the rubric of "all children's products".

Here's what I want to know: I used to be smart; when did I become a stupid mommy blogger? Was it the day I birthed my first child? Because I've gotten a Master's degree since then, although you could make a pretty good case that it was stupid to pay good money for an advanced degree in Mathematics. Was it the day I started blogging? My 5th blogiversary is coming up in a week. Oh, I know! I know how I suddenly got so stupid!

The day I became a stoopid mommy blogger was the day I disagreed with the "consumer" groups about CPSIA.

Now it all makes sense.