Monday, February 16, 2009

Dream Gardens

This year our family goal is to plant a garden. I used to plant a garden, but when I got pregnant with Bagel it was too difficult to plant that spring, so I didn't plant anything. The following year we moved so I didn't plant a garden-- I knew I wouldn't be there to harvest it. And since then I've either been too pregnant, too tired, or working too hard to prepare a spot in our yard for gardening. I've had a couple of herb plants and some sunflowers, but nothing really worked out. (We harvested the sunflower seeds and I roasted them, but then the kids spilled them all on the dirty floor and that was the end of it.) But FH decided he wanted in on the garden this year, so since he's willing to help, garden it is!

I know what I want to plant, but I wanted to plant something the kids would want too, in order to interest them in tending the garden. So we sat down with the Gurney's seed catalog and several sheets of cardstock, and I had them look through the catalog and make collages of all the plants they wanted. Knuckles likes corn, corn, and corn. Bagel picked cilantro and blueberries. Sonshine likes potatoes and daylilies. And Princess likes roses, passion flowers, and pomegranates.

Now that I have the information, I'm not sure what to do with it. Daylilies, corn, and cilantro we can handle, but passion flower is tropical, and I don't know if I can tend roses. Still, it's fascinating to see what the kids pick for their dream gardens.