Monday, September 22, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

Sonshine has a reputation for being, to put it mildly, rather hard on his clothes, particularly his pants knees. No sooner have we walked out of a store with a sackful of new pants, than he looks at them and the knees of the pants just split wide open of their own accord, in helpless surrender to his mighty knee-slicing power. He's less hard on them now, though, than he used to be when he was wearing size 4. He used to literally chew up his clothes, especially his shirts. He didn't have a single shirt that wasn't all chewed up around the sleeve cuff or the neckline or both. There was very little in that size that he could pass on to his little brothers, but I didn't think much of it because at the time Bagel was just a tiny baby and couldn't dream of fitting a size 4, so I figured I had plenty of time to replace the wardrobe. What really happened, though, was that I forgot all about it-- until this morning, when our weather took a cold and rainy turn.

I thought, "I've got bins and bins of clothes in the closet! I'll just pop in there and pick Bagel out a nice warm outfit!" WRONG. I do have bins and bins of clothes-- in sizes 5 through 7. The 4's that were Sonshine's were all completely destroyed, except for one pair of sweatpants (which Bagel is now wearing). The only reason we still have any 5's at all is that Sonshine was wearing them when we got the Asperger's diagnosis. When we were able to effectively deal with his sensory issues, the clothes-chewing got better. There are very few pairs of pants, though: most of them got cut off into shorts after they were split at the knees.

It looks like Bagel's going to have more extensive fall wardrobe needs than I thought. Time to go shopping!