Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is what 352 pairs of baby booties look like

... in case you were wondering.

That's 96 pounds of booties, all crammed into three very large moving boxes. And if they'd ordered 353 pairs of booties, there would have to have been a fourth box. Those boxes are so crammed that booties will probably pop out of them as soon as the tape is slit.

Pardon the mess in the van, btw. I wanted to arrange for a pickup but apparently what FedEx means by "next business day" is the same as what the rest of us mean by "two business days", and the order had to ship today to make it on time to its destination.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to being totally exhausted. I was up until 2:30 last night getting these packed. I wanted to take pictures of the booties before packing them up, but because of the late hour I had to scrap my plans to do the sorting and counting outside, and do it in my living room, which barely left enough room for me to stand in the midst of all the booties, let alone take a picture.