Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's Sooooo Shiny!

My dining room table has been washed down so many times that the finish has worn off and in spots it's down to the bare wood. It got to the point where it doesn't come clean anymore. Every little thing that falls on it sticks to it so badly it has to be scraped off, and even after it's been scraped and wiped down, it's still sticky.

Yesterday I got the chance to do something about it: I coated my table top in epoxy.

I got this stuff that's really shiny and clear, the kind of stuff they use on bar tops. You don't paint this stuff on, you spread it on with a trowel. I let it dry all night. This morning, my table is shiny as hell! It feels really smooth, too. It'll be so slick that the dishes will slide right off it.

Maybe now I can get the kids to actually clean the table off before setting it, instead of trying to pile the dinner dishes on top of the cornflakes.