Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The "P.U.S." Man Cometh

I found a good deal on some shelf-stable tofu at Amazon, so I got that and a book on Isaiah by Avraham Gileadi (THE author to read on Isaiah), and another on medieval Portuguese daily life. I also sent for more math books for the kids-- Sonshine has blazed through half a year of math in just a couple of weeks, mostly because he already knew some of it, and Princess isn't too far behind him. And I ordered Shurley English for the kids too. For the business I stocked up on gift boxes, since my last order of 300 boxes was wiped out by the holiday season and a large wholesale order, so those are coming by UPS, as well as more yarn to cover the large wholesale order that's come in already this month.

So we'll be seeing a lot of the UPS man, or as Bagel calls him the "P.U.S. man", over the next week or so.