Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Illness Update

No further febrile seizures, but Knuckles has still got a fever. He refuses to drink Pedialyte. (Have you ever tasted the stuff? You'd refuse to drink it too.) He coughs like he's going to throw up, but as long as we keep him on Dimetapp nonstop, he doesn't actually do it. Bagel's fever seems to be gone but he's still coughing, and he does actually throw up if he coughs too much.

Knuckles REALLY hates taking medicine, and we have to restrain him and pour it down his throat. It reminds me a lot of Sonshine. When Sonshine was younger, we used to have to do that, and then we watched as he gagged himself and threw it all up. Nobody believed us that Sonshine was deliberately gagging himself to throw up the medicine. They all said "well of course he's throwing up, he's sick!" and were deaf to our protests that he was only sick with a mild cold and only threw up at times when he was given medicine. If we gave him no medicine, he didn't throw up. At one point, when Sonshine had a fever so high that we had to give him medicine to keep his brain from cooking, we offered him a choice between liquid and suppositories, and the kid literally bent over in response. (Nowadays, Sonshine's big enough that he just dry-swallows pills. He likes that much better.)