Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Math 1010 is "in the can"

The ordeal that is Math 1010 is OVER. I got my grades in this morning while Bagel was poking me with a sharp stick (I'm not exaggerating... he spent his entire morning in or near meltdown mode, because finals week's weird schedule is driving him crazy.) Only 10 of my students didn't get an E (SLCC's take on the F) and out of those, only 7 got a high enough grade to move on to the next level. I suppose that wasn't entirely unexpected, seeing as how toward the end of the course there were only about 10 students regularly attending lecture, but I find it pretty demoralizing. I just don't know what I can do to counteract 13 years of conditioning to get these students to take schooling seriously. If having to pay their own hard-earned money for it doesn't do the trick, I doubt there's any kind of class participation grade I could give that would make a difference.

Math 1090 finishes tomorrow, and I should have it in the can on Thursday.