Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gift Ideas

It's almost Christmas, and while my shopping's done for the other three kids, I have scarcely anything for little Knuckles, who is almost 2. I just have no clue what a normal 2 year old boy would want for Christmas. He's pretty well set for clothes because he's got all Bagel's recent hand-me-downs, and he'd probably like some toys. Any recommendations?

Also, we are very proud of Knuckles because this week he started saying some words that didn't sound like "buh". Up until now the only sound he really used as a word was "buh" and it stood for anything that started with B. Consequently he liked bunnies and beds, and ate a lot of buttered bread and bananas, all of which he referred to as "buh buh buh". So it's great that he's finally learned a word that doesn't start with "buh".

The bad news is, the word he's started using is "mine."

Welcome to Toddler World...