Monday, January 21, 2008

Dress 1.0

Major construction on the Benabarre dress is over! The dress is now in wearable condition, although it's still got a LOT of detail work left to do. I've only got pearls on the visible main part of the bodice, and the grommets all have to be sewn over to look like eyelets, hooks and eyes need to be added to get the bodice and skirt together, etc. etc. But you can see the lines of it and how it's going to turn out.

The original:

My dress:

That last picture FH took before I had the hoops on and had done my hair, put on my contacts, etc. But you can see a bit of detail in the bodice lacing there. Also I had a spot of trouble lacing on the sleeves-- I told FH to pull the laces tight then tie them and tuck the ends in, and he skipped the part where he tied them, so they came all loose. There's not supposed to be that much of a gap between sleeve and bodice.

What do you think?