Thursday, February 02, 2006

Le Poisson Est Mort. Vive Le Poisson!

A few months back we got two convict cichlids and a pleco (algae sucking fish) to put in our tank. Yesterday, FH reported that the pleco has died. It was eaten by the other fish, and only small parts of it still remain. There isn't even enough left to hold a toiletside funeral.

We knew it wasn't doing so well, because a few days ago one of its eyes turned up missing. Evidently the poor fish couldn't see the final attack coming.

When we thought about what we were to tell the kids, we realized that we had never gotten around to naming any of the fish in the tank. So I asked FH what we should posthumously name this poor victim.

He named it "Foo-Foo."

Rest in peace, Foo-Foo.

We're going to wait until we see if the bigger cichlid eats the smaller cichlid, before we decide to get another fish. If he eats her too, there's not much point in buying him another dinner on the fin.

UPDATE 2/7: So far the smaller fish, which is female, has not been eaten by the larger fish, which is male. FH thinks they are hooking up and will soon be making little fish; I still think that the male will have the female, who is half his size, for dinner (and note, that with aggressive fish, the two are not mutually exclusive). We had a conversation about it that went like this:
FH: I think he's gonna get himself some tail!
WH: Yeah, and some fin, and then some side...
FH wants to get them some feeder goldfish. I made sure he was informed as to just how grossed out the kids were at seeing half the pleco's head floating in the tank. I don't think any of them finished their breakfast that day.