Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knuckles Is Getting Evicted

I now have a date scheduled for my induction: February 23. My little womb-mate Knuckles can consider that an eviction notice. I told him he has to move out and live on his own now, and that it'll be much better for everyone involved if he does it on his own terms sometime before then, rather than waiting to get kicked out by the Pitocin.

I'm not a big fan of Pitocin. It makes the contractions feel stronger and more painful. They're painful enough as it is, but on the Pit they get so strong that you almost have to have an epidural to endure them. I don't really want an epidural either, because I recover so much faster without one. An epidural is always a crapshoot-- Sonshine's epidural was fine, but the epidural with Princess was turned up so high that I spent three hours pushing. I couldn't feel a thing during the delivery.

At first I thought that was a merciful thing, but then I realized that it was a trade-off: you don't feel the delivery, but you feel it for weeks afterward. After Princess and Sonshine I sat on an inflatable doughnut for weeks. But when I had Bagel without an epidural, I discovered that the pain doesn't last all that long (only a few hours) and even though it's really bad while it's happening, you don't remember it afterward. I went to sell at the Gardeners' Market on a Saturday, had Bagel on Sunday, and was back at the Market again on Saturday, with no inflatable doughnut at all. Being back up on your feet inside of a few days is priceless, especially when you have three other kids to look after and a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time.