Thursday, February 09, 2006

Adventures in ZenCart

I've been putting off dealing with the shipping module on my business website because I just haven't had the time. When I first got the new shop up and running, I just set it to flat-rate shipping because it was easier to configure and I didn't have to troubleshoot it. I figured I could set up weight-based shipping later, and that since I'd set the flat rate for more or less my average actual shipping charge, it would all work out.

For some reason, I also enabled COD as a payment option.

The problem is that I failed to anticipate that anyone would try to order with that combination. Needless to say, somebody did. And on a small order, too.

So now I have to take this dinky little order to the post office to ship it COD, and pay the COD charges myself, which makes this order unprofitable.

It took me all of ten minutes to figure out how to configure the COD shipping so that it charged an extra COD fee. That's what I get for being way too busy for my own good.