Thursday, August 04, 2005

Worse Than Expected

The home loan situation has now definitely crossed the line from "What the hell??" to "What the $^(%?????"

After I busted my butt all day sending in the entire list of paperwork the loan officer requested, including all the duplicate stuff, the loan officer calls up and says that even with all this paperwork our loan was denied, because we haven't been in credit counseling for at least 12 months. This was a complete shock to me, because the VERY FIRST THING we told the loan officer when we first applied was that we had just entered credit counseling. We made sure she understood that, because we knew it would affect our eligibility for a loan. We knew that there would be lenders who would not touch us because of it. And for months now we have been strung along thinking it was not a problem. Whenever we'd call her she'd tell us that the loan had already gone to Underwriting and that Underwriting had approved it. But evidently Underwriting didn't catch the part where we hadn't been in credit counseling for a year, and nobody bothered to check to see if they knew this rather important fact.

Fortunately, our loan officer was able to rapidly put together a second loan for us, which we may be able to get in time to still close on Thursday. But the little black cloud that follows me around and rains only on me is still there and shows no signs of change in the weather, so we'll see. Oh, and did I mention we have to find a renter for our house by, like, tomorrow? With a signed lease agreement and deposit check and all?

The St. Joseph candle is all gone now, so we've moved on to the St. Jude candle. He's the patron saint of lost causes.