Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Most Satisfying Catch

When we moved in, the house was just full of dozens of flies. I imagine they came in when the former residents had the doors propped open as they moved out. Some of them have since died, but there were still enough of them hanging around that I went and got a sticky fly trap. I've caught several of them in the trap already, mostly by waiting until they land on something and then sneaking up behind them with the trap so that when they take off, they get stuck. Only a couple have actually gotten caught by landing on the trap themselves.

Today, though, one particularly annoying fly got himself stuck on the trap. I have been trying to catch this fly for a while, because unlike the other flies who are content to merely land on the cupboard doors, this one insisted on buzzing around the heads of me and my kids while we eat. Imagine my delight when I came upstairs to find him caught on the trap, buzzing furiously. You could hear him buzzing in the next room for fifteen minutes, until he finally got whatever part of the fly makes the buzzing sound stuck on the trap too.

Several times during that fifteen glorious minutes of buzzing, I walked back over to the fly trap, just to have a gloating look at him. Unlike the other flies, which got stuck by their legs, he got stuck butt first, so that the tips of his wings were also stuck. I grinned as I imagined his fly embarrassment that not only was he now stuck in a death trap, he was stuck butt first in a death trap. What will the other flies say??