Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mouse In The House

We have a mouse in our house. I suspect he hasn't been there very long, since it's only been in the last couple of days that I've seen droppings, and there are not that many droppings around the house, so I suspect it's just him. I think he must have been displaced when we had our flower beds by the house completely stripped of its thick vegetation in order to plant some petunias that I thought buyers might like better, because that's about when I started noticing the droppings. We actually saw him last night, though, scurrying across the living room, headed for Bagel's room. I first saw droppings in Bagel's room near the heating vent, but I've also seen them in the utility room near the door, which is the closest entrance to the flower beds in question.

We've had problems with mice before, because we live near open fields. Last time, we saw a mouse inside the heating vent in the bathroom and set a trap for it, but I don't think it ever went inside the house because we found no droppings. I still had one trap left over from the last time. It was a bit rusty but I put it out anyway and baited it with peanut butter. This morning the peanut butter had largely been eaten, but the trap hadn't been tripped. Today I'm going to buy more traps and put them out. Hopefully the mouse's experience with the untripped trap will make him more bold-- and more dead.