Thursday, June 30, 2005

Light The World On Fire!

This weekend, we've got the flag, we've got the fire... we're just not putting the two together. Instead, the fire will be used to light sparkly things that go boom, somewhere near flags. (Actually quite far away from any flag because that could cause a disaster.) Still though, fireworks are more than just fun or danger (or dangerous fun). Fireworks also symbolize that American ability to come up with an idea that lights the world on fire, as our unique form of government has done and is still doing. But there's no time for deep thoughts like that now! I wanna go see the sparklies!

Yay for sparkly things that go boom! Hiss on sparkly things that go eeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee! Those squealy things (commonly known as "Piccolo Petes") baffle me. I really don't know why anyone would want a firework that sounds like an overtired toddler, let alone would want it at 1 a.m. in a residential neighborhood. I want fireworks that make lots of pretty colored sparks! I want fireworks that blow up and remind me of "bombs bursting in air"! I do NOT want fireworks that whine like politicians!

Fourth of July would just not be Fourth of July for me without ground blooms, sparklers, and great big fountains that go pfffftt and weren't worth the money we spent on them. I let each of the kids choose the firework they couldn't do without. Sonshine chose a box of tanks, and Princess picked "poppers" (those little paper drops that you throw on the driveway in hopes that they explode with a "pop"). They usually do go "pop," but only when you drive over them with your car the next day. But the very best fireworks will be Friday night, when the annual fireworks show lights the Logan sky. Every year they outdo themselves with this show, and it seems like the grand finale is just 20 solid minutes of nothing but "ooohs" and "aaahs."

What's your favorite firework?