Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Flog That Dead Horse Just In Case It Gets Up And Can Pull The Cart Again

It's been a very, very long time since I've watched the Today Show. Mostly that's because, having kids, I either watch no TV in the morning (school days) or watch nothing but PBS (non-school days). But this morning my kids slept late and I couldn't really do much of anything because the virtual tour is today and anything I do would make a mess, so I watched a few minutes of the Today Show. I was promptly reminded why I'd actually rather watch Barney.

They started off with the day's headlines and the "epidemic" of shark attacks (note: more people are killed by bears than by sharks, but somehow there's never an epidemic of bear attacks, and by the way two in one year is an epidemic). Then, even though they'd already had a headline about Bush's speech last night, they launched into "hearing from his critics" to see if they'd been convinced by his arguments.


By definition, Bush's critics (or anyone's critics for that matter) are those who are critical of him. Does ANYONE honestly think that a person's "critics" will be convinced by anything they say?

Not only that, but the particular critic they decided to interview was...

John Kerry

Yeah. Keep on flogging that dead horse. If you don't flog it, it'll be dead, but if you keep on flogging it, it still has a chance at getting up and walking.

Now THAT'S optimism. Kind of like the line from I-forget-what-movie where the woman says there's a one in a million chance she'd ever go out with the man, and the man says dreamily, "So you're saying there's a chance then?"