Saturday, January 01, 2005

Lorenz Manifold: In Progress

I started the crocheted Lorenz manifold yesterday and am now on Round 18 of 47. I decided on the #10 cotton with a size 7 steel hook, in a rainbow striped color scheme.

I found a way to count the stitches and keep track of the increases at the same time. Before beginning a row, I count the stitches in the previous one, and at the same time mark the stitches in which to increase by slipping a paper clip into them. (Mim, this is where a bunch of stitch markers would come in handy for a crocheter!) Then I work the row, not counting stitches, putting two stitches into each stitch with a paper clip. I don't have to count as I work, which in my present state of childfullness and sleeplessness would take more brainpower than I've got available.

I don't know what I should do with the manifold once it's finished. Sure, I'll send pictures of it to the authors of the paper, and if I've crocheted fast enough I might even win the prize of champagne they're offering. It would be nice to win something, even though I don't particularly care for champagne, Utah state law probably wouldn't allow them to ship it to me, and I can't drink it anyway even if they could ship it. After that, though, what to do with it? I really don't have space for it and I've only got the foggiest understanding of what a Lorenz manifold is to begin with (differential equations were never my strong suit). I could sell it on eBay or something, though I'd have to make sure I got a link to the auction making the e-mail rounds in a few math departments in order to get a bidder, and I'd have to get the permission of the pattern's authors. I could donate it to the math department, I suppose.

I really don't know why I'm making this, except that I can't get it out of my head in much the same way I couldn't get that hyperbolecule I made as a senior project out of my head. Eventually it drove me to go to grad school. Maybe if I make this I won't end up in grad school again.