Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Happy Marriage Of Art And Science

Mathematicians have crocheted a Lorenz manifold. I'm in heaven!
Link via Too Much Wool; hat tip Mim.

I must admit I've never crocheted a manifold, although I did sew a hyperbolic skirt once. Here's the pattern, if you want to make another Lorenz manifold and claim your free bottle of champagne. You know, I just might... it takes a B or C hook and about a pound of yarn...

On the other hand, I haven't worked on my quilted wall hanging of the 17 wallpaper symmetry groups in quite a long time... maybe I'd better not.

UPDATE: I also came across this M.C. Escher Lego site. It provides a nice counterpoint to Mim's Lego Bible stories site. Oh, and the knitted Mobius strip-- but unlike the Mobius scarves, this one is knitted seamlessly. Follow the link on that page for Klein bottle hats!