Thursday, December 30, 2004

Shearing The Lamb

Today I sheared my little merino lamb, Bagel. I've resisted cutting any of the luscious silky hair he was born with, because it's just so soft. Just nuzzling the top of his head puts me in heaven. But we had finally reached the point where it was just absurd to let it grow any longer. It was already into his eyes in the front, and in the back it was starting to felt into little tiny dreadlocks.

I wanted to leave it longer on top and cut mostly the sides and back, but alas, Bagel did not cooperate. He kept trying to look up at the shiny scissors, so I had to cut it to only an inch long. I cut two full inches of silky black hair off the top of that kid. Now he looks like a little shorn sheep.

I still haven't trimmed over the ears-- he was wiggling too much for that, I'll have to do it while he's asleep.

UPDATE: I got the ears trimmed and here is the "after" pic: