Saturday, December 25, 2004


I hear that the latest trend in the blogosphere is cabbage-blogging. As everyone who has studied reproduction knows well, children are grown in cabbages. Mine are grown in organic cabbages. Here's a picture:

Graphic courtesy of Mim.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, I had a conversation with my kids:
Sonshine: So there's Bagel, and Tiny Princess, and me?
Me: Yup!
Sonshine: Why are we in those flowers?
Me: They're cabbages. Everyone knows kids grow in cabbages!
Sonshine: Nuh uh, they grow in the tummy!
Me: No, really, they grow in cabbages! I should know, we grew each and every one of you in the garden.
Tiny Princess: What about Bagel, huh?
Me: Well, all right, I fess up. I bought Bagel at the Farmer's Market.
Kids: No you didn't!

There's just no fooling those kids.