Monday, December 13, 2004

This Is Why I Love Living In Logan

This story made the front page of our local newspaper:
A group project at Utah State University went awry this week when pornographic video footage accidentally was shown to a class of 120 students.

The incident occurred when one of the group's in the class tried to play a DVD on a classroom computer as part of its presentation. When the group activated the computer's video software, a pornographic video began playing.

"It was not soft porn; it was quite graphic," said David Herrmann, instructor of the managing organizations and people class. "I don't know where it came from."

Herrmann said the students scrambled to shut off the video. The students in the group said the video was not part of their presentation, which was verified by campus officials after inspecting the group's DVD.

Herrmann said he thought the video was left on the computer by a previous user. He said it could have been a student in his 7:30 a.m. class.

I've lived before in cities where even grisly murders didn't make the front page. I love Logan.

For an extra laugh, I like to read the police blotter in the USU Statesman:
* Shortly after midnight USU Police responded to a report of noisy students keeping others awake in Wasatch Hall. Police made contact with the group and requested that they abide by Housing rules and respect quiet hours. The students agreed to do so.

* Police responded within three minutes to a wallet that was stolen out of a room in Richards Hall. Police made contact the complainant and a report was filed.

* USU Police responded to the Sci-Tech LIbrary on a report of a stuck door on the second floor with an individual stuck inside. Police were able to gain entry through a secondary door and release the individual.
There was a rash of robberies a couple years back where scriptures were being stolen out of unlocked parked cars. Once I read in the blotter that someone called to complain that a cat was eating birds in their yard, and the next day someone else called to complain that there was a bird trying to fly through her window. I thought those two people should get together, maybe they could find a solution to both their problems.