Sunday, December 12, 2004

What Do You Want In A Poncho?

(If your answer to that question is "a supermodel", please skip to the next post.)

I'd like to ask my readers what they are looking for in a poncho or wrap.

Of course price is a consideration, but I'm talking design here. If you could have any wrap you wanted, what factors would be most important to you? Warmth? Trendy design? Fringe? Do you want a poncho that covers a lot of you, or just your shoulders? Do you want a poncho that's opaque, or one with a meshy texture through which the underlying clothes can be seen? Do you want a poncho that hangs drapily or stiffly? Do you want a sparkly poncho? It's things like that I want to know.

I know what I like in a wrap-- I want one that will stay on and keep me warm and won't tickle my arms-- but if I only make wraps I'd like, then only I would buy them. And if I make wraps that are just like what I've seen in stores, then they're not going to be distinctive. I want to know what real people want in a wrap.