Thursday, November 18, 2004


Today was Tiny Princess' seventh birthday, and tomorrow is her party. She wanted to have a pizza party, so we are making homemade pizzas. Each child will have their own personal pizza to top, and the grownups will eat slices of some larger pizzas. The cake will be a "pizza cake"-- instead of stacking the layers, I'm going to keep them separate, frost them only on the top with red frosting, and top them with bits of fruit leather, candies, and shredded coconut. Maybe it'll be way too odd, but I thought it sounded creative.

Favorite Husband had a job interview today at a local company that treats their employees well, and he's been asked back for a second interview tomorrow. He's had to blow off work and lie to his boss to go to these interviews. I hope he gets the job. Please appeal to whatever supernatural power you can to help ensure he gets the job, because at this point we are desperate for him to get a better job.

Our big craft show is on Saturday so in addition to attempting to clean the house for the party (and failing miserably), I've been desperately trying to get all the goods ready for sale. I almost made as many as I need, but I'm still short on organic scrubbers and some oven mitts. A friend (bless her) is helping me with the last-minute mitts, but it looks like I'm not going to get the scrubbers done if I want to have this party at my house tomorrow night. I've been spending as little time as possible on the computer. I got so scatterbrained that I punched a hole in my to-do list, put it on a string, and tied it around my neck so I wouldn't lose it. I feel like a Kindergartener going everywhere with my list tied around my neck, but at least I'm remembering better.