Friday, August 20, 2004

Help Me, My Readers!!

As regular Organic Baby Farm readers know, I make my own homemade baby wipes out of cloth. (They're basically the same thing as the ones made out of paper towels, except you wash them with the diapers instead of throwing them away.) I've been using the standard baby wipe recipe-- water, baby bath, baby oil-- and they get smelly after a few days. I would like to know if anyone out there knows how to prevent this.

I thought I might put a bit of rubbing alcohol or some other anti-bacterial/anti-fungal agent in the wipes. But when I went Googling to try to find out how much alcohol to put in, I didn't find much that was useful. I did find one lady complaining that she thought ethyl alcohol was not a good ingredient for wipes because it was carcinogenic. [I had to laugh at that-- I'd be willing to bet she'd drunk the stuff at bars and not even realized it was carcinogenic. I think it's amusing when people show their immersion in science-culture by throwing around buzzwords like "toxin" and "carcinogenic".]

So what say you, readers? Any ideas?