Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Nine More Weeks

We now enter the Countdown To Baby Bagel. Nine weeks remain until the due date (which, given my obstetric history, probably means that I'll have a nice toasty little bun in my arms in about seven weeks).

Yesterday I got the crib out of the shed and halfway assembled it. I was having a great day-- the pain in my legs was gone, the pain in my back subsided after a morning visit to the chiropractor, I was able to take more than three steps without getting winded, both the kids were at school, and I wasn't at work! I couldn't think of another day in the next seven weeks when this confluence of events was likely to happen again, so I did the heavy lifting and got the crib out even though it'll just gradually fill with Tiny Princess' toys for the next several weeks.

I could not find the bolts for the crib, however, so I had to go buy new bolts. I got the right size for four of them, but when I got them home I realized that the other ten had to be considerably shorter than those four, and would probably be much better as hex head bolts than phillips head bolts anyway. I'll have to buy some more bolts today.

Saturday is the first day of the rest of my life the Gardener's Market, where I will discover just how unsuccessful I can be wonderful my products are. My first auction on eBay of the dishcloths went well, so I posted three more, this time with a higher minimum bid. One of them already has a bid.