Sunday, May 09, 2004

News From The Gardeners' Market

The Gardener's Market went pretty well yesterday. Between the two of us, my sister M and I brought in over $60 in revenue. The hot selling items were, surprisingly, hot mitts. What surprised me most about them was that people were not buying them in pairs, but individually. The dishcloths in happy spring colors sold not at all, but the dishcloths in the organic cotton sold pretty well-- so well, in fact, that I had to order more yarn and was unable to spare enough dishcloths to trade with the ceramics artist in the next booth for a lovely pitcher. M, however, traded a pair of recycled-Shetland-wool socks and a hobo bag for a lovely jar with a lid; I'm jealous. There was some interest in the hobo bags too; we sold the green organic cotton one to a nice Japanese girl who wanted a new handbag. I want to introduce a few other bag styles and see how well they sell. I think little pouch-style bags might sell well.

We got a lot of ideas of what might sell well, that we hadn't thought of before. Lots of people who liked M's handmade books asked if she would make photo albums, so this week instead of making more socks she's going to make photo albums. I had an inquiry about wool diaper soakers. Thankfully I knew what those were (I'd uncovered them in my research into diapering alternatives a few years ago) and even knew where I could find patterns for them. I'll have a price quote for the lady next week.