Thursday, May 06, 2004

Happy Memory

I thought I'd start the day off with a happy memory.

Favorite Husband loves to take pictures, often lots of repetitive pictures. When he returned from a three-month stint in Saudi Arabia, he showed me the pictures he'd taken. They were a distinct improvement over the pictures he'd taken at his previous duty stations, which mostly consisted of his drunk friends flipping him off. But I still found many of them repetitive and boring.

I found one picture that was nothing but camouflage netting. Annoyed at having to look at so many pictures of sand and guys who all looked the same, I asked him "Why on Earth did you take a picture of camouflage netting??"

"See the truck?" he asked. And sure enough, if you looked closely, there was a truck under the netting.

Favorite Husband always knows just how to make people smile. In that same batch of pictures there was a picture of him next to a camel. And somehow he had gotten the camel to smile for the picture.