Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hell Is Freezing Over!

We've lived in this manufactured home in a park for manufactured homes for six years now. When we moved in, all the lots were full. But the owners of the park have fallen afoul of the city by completely and utterly failing to meet the requirements placed on them when they developed the land into a park (not to mention a blatant disregard of city building codes), so a building permit freeze was put on the park. This meant that no new homes could be brought into the park. Because of the non-compliance with city codes, the homes were difficult to sell, so a lot of people ended up moving their homes out, or letting the bank foreclose on them and move them out. Our park is now half full of empty lots, and it looks like crap, making the homes here even harder to sell.

One of the city's requirements was that a perimeter fence be put up, because the park is right next to a railroad track. How hard could it be to put up a stinking fence??? But the owners never did it. We thought for sure they intended to just let this place go to hell in a handbasket on account of their stubbornness, because that's exactly what they were doing.

So after six years, lo and behold one day they come and put up fence posts, all around the perimeter.

Hell is freezing over, folks.

UPDATE: Today (Tuesday 3/30) a truck arrived with rolls of chainlink-- and workers.