Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Report

We went to the Tea Party today at noon at the Federal Building in Salt Lake City.

The weather was really crappy, but everyone was in good spirits and did not flinch, even when it started to snow heavily. Because of the poor weather, Knuckles got clingy and so I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. Princess, our resident photographer-in-training, had her warm woolly mittens on and so she wouldn't take pictures either. I asked her to take a picture of me with the pig and this is all we got:

The pig's sign says "THIS Little Piggy KILLED the free market!" on both sides. That's me holding it, out of the frame.

It was a big hit and lots of people took pictures of it, so maybe it'll be on the news. It got snowed on too and it's only made of papier-mache, so I knew it wouldn't survive the day. As we left, we handed it off to some people in yellow ponchos headed toward the rally. There wasn't much point in me taking it home to throw away if it could spend a little more time at the rally before being thrown away. And Knuckles didn't do too well in the snow. He had to go on the nebulizer when we got home.

I learned a few things that I'll work on for next time:
  1. The pig head started sliding down the pike so we taped it at the top, but if I make another one I'll make sure it's more firmly attached to the pike.
  2. I will make the pig look better from all angles.
  3. In the future I'll be more prepared for ill weather, and bring a stroller or wrap for carrying Knuckles.
  4. People of all genders and ages, not just 9-year-old boys, love bloody pig heads on pikes.