Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Much For Green

It's time to start the seeds for the garden. I saved several cardboard egg flats for the purpose, thinking I'd be all greeny and recycley and thrifty and stuff. A couple of weeks ago I tried but failed to do it. I got some of them planted, but Bagel's excessive interest made sure they were out of any kind of order. To cool his interest, I put the egg flat on top of the fridge. FH promptly opened the fridge in such a manner as to spill the entire thing, dirt, seeds, and all. So there went our first attempt at starting seeds for the garden.

I broke down and bought a plastic Jiffy peat pot greenhouse. The peat pots won't scatter all over the floor if dropped (nor insert dirt into the ice maker, that was a disaster) and the clear plastic will keep the tiny fingers out. If I have to, I'll glue the lid down and poke holes in it so I can water the plants with a funnel. And this time I'm planting the seeds after the kids go to bed.