Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looking for debate participants

I would like to hold a CPSIA debate here on my blog. I am looking for participants, especially someone to take the pro-CPSIA side. (Obviously I'm well in touch with plenty of eloquent people who could take the anti-CPSIA side.) I would like the debate to be kind of highbrow, full of facts and logic, with each side doing their best to persuade the reader. I will be moderating because it's easier than participating. :) (Yes, I'm lazy)

These are the terms of the debate.

The debate is in four rounds:
1st round: opening statements, limit 1000 words
2nd round: arguments, limit 2000 words
3rd round: rebuttals, limit 2000 words
4th round: closing statements, limit 1000 words

Each round will be published as two posts on my blog. They will be published at the same time but one will inevitably be a minute before the other, so the order in which that will happen will be determined by a coin flip. There will be a minimum of one day between rounds to allow for composition of posts.

I will act as moderator and will only edit statements for spelling. If there is a deeper problem with a statement (e.g. if it breaks one of the rules), publication of that round will be withheld until we can correct it.

No ad hominem attacks on opponent
Avoid disparaging others
Keep to the word count limits
Cite and/or link all quotes and facts

If you are interested in being a participant in this debate, please email me at sarah.natividad -at-