Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Yoga

I'm under orders from the rheumatologist to do yoga three days a week. I really enjoy doing yoga; it helps with my pain levels tremendously, and that and the B vitamins keep my appetite in check, for some reason I don't understand. (I'm trying to lose weight.) So whenever I get up a little earlier than the rest of the family, I put on my yoga video and do some yoga.

I often wake up to find Knuckles has crawled into bed with me and FH during the night. He doesn't sleep well and has a lot of problems with stuffy sinuses, and he seems to do better sleeping in with us, so when he wakes in the middle of the night he comes into our room and nestles down in between us. So when I wake early, he sometimes does too. He will come downstairs while I'm doing yoga, so I've had him try doing yoga with me. He especially likes sun salutations.

Can I just say, a 2-year-old doing yoga is just about the cutest thing in the entire universe. He goes into downward-facing dog pose and I just want to shrink him down to bonbon size and pop him in my mouth. If he got any more adorable, my head would just explode!