Friday, May 19, 2006

This is the part I hate

As we all remember from science class, hair grows in a cycle. First it grows, then it "rests" while it stays the same length, then it falls out, and if you're not balding, a new hair grows from the follicle. When you're pregnant, hormonal conditions in your body promote the "growth" part of the cycle and prevent hairs from falling out. But when your body returns to a normal hormonal state, all the hair that was supposed to have fallen out during your pregnancy suddenly drops and you shed like a dog.

Since in normal times I have a lot of hair to begin with, during pregnancy I have so much hair that I have to buy bigger twisties just to hold my ponytail. I currently own the World's Biggest Hair Clip and it still falls off my head because it's so full of my hair that it can't attach to my head. And I'm starting to shed, so badly that I have to clean out my hairbrush at least once a day (twice if I get to brush my hair in the evening). Everywhere I go, there's one of my hairs.

On top of that, you know how everyone has their "gross" triggers? Some people get grossed out by fingernail clippings or mud? Well, mine is hair. I absolutely can't stand it and think something is filthy if there's hair on it. And right now there's hair on everything. My pillow looks like a toupee. I have to keep my hair tied back at all times, especially when I'm cooking, and even then it's not 100% effective at keeping the hair out of the food.

Last time this happened (with Bagel's pregnancy), I lost so much hair afterward that I started getting really alarmed and thinking I was starting to go bald. Fortunately it grew back, so that now I have two lengths of hair: one from pre-Bagel, and one from post-Bagel. I hope I don't lose so much hair that I start to think I'm going bald again.