Saturday, May 14, 2005

It Isn't All Bad

One of the bad things about moving to Salt Lake City is that I would have to leave my job at the University. I suppose I could always seek a job at Salt Lake Community College, but it would take me a while before I can get that ball rolling. I wouldn't, for example, be able to handle coordinating the move AND applying for a Fall Semester job. My family needs money, though, whether or not I can teach math. So all I've got is the craft business.

An advantage of being in SLC, though, would be my newfound proximity to many, many more craft shows with many, many more attendees with much, much more money than were ever available to me in Logan. I could, for example, do a show in Park City. It's too far of a drive for me to do from Logan, with the baby and all, but it would not be too far from Salt Lake City.

And then there's the genealogy. If I ever do find the time to take up my hobby of researching my family history, my job will be made so much easier by the ready availability of microfilms at the main library next to Temple Square. If I need one microfilm to look up one record, I won't have to weigh the benefit of renting that film against the opportunity cost of not being able to spend that money on another, more productive microfilm that would contain many more records. This is exactly what I need to work on the Furtado/Simas line, because that family moved around a lot. Living up here, I found it cost-effective to hire a genealogist to find one marriage record because they were married in a large city with four parishes, and I didn't know which parish. It was actually cheaper to hire the guy and give him the narrow date range to search, than it was to rent all four microfilms of marriage records and search for them myself. But living down in SLC, I could just go to the library, pull all four off the shelf, and go through them one by one.

Of course, this presupposes that I'll have some kind of time to myself to do all this wonderful stuff... More than likely I'll be busy doing all the packing, all the unpacking, all the cleaning of the old house, all the fixing in the new one, etc. etc. etc.