Monday, April 18, 2005

Summer Job

The summer is looking like it's going to be terribly busy.

First, I have to get through the next two weeks of bead and wire work. I still have nine more crown centerpieces to finish ASAP. My friend and Favorite Husband are helping when they can, but I'm still doing the vast majority of the work and my wrists are killing me. I'll have to go to the chiropractor and get them adjusted. After that's done, I have another special order to attend to. Thankfully it's not bead work and I should finish it up in a day or two.

When the special orders are all done, I will have one week to get everything ready for the opening of the Gardeners' Market. If I sell enough scarves before then, I'll have enough money to order dyeing supplies to replenish my stock.

The first few weeks of the Gardeners' Market will be critical to my success at Summerfest. I have only those few weeks to raise the money for the supplies for Summerfest merchandise, because the stuff has to be ordered AND finished before we leave on vacation on June 7. I can use the Memorial Day revenues (which were our highest last year) for Summerfest supplies, but I'll have to dye like crazy while trying to pack. Also, if I decide to do that show on 4th of July weekend in Provo, I'll have to use Memorial Day revenues for the booth fee for that. FH isn't too keen on doing that show, though, so we'll see. He's probably right-- it's too much too soon, maybe we'll do it next year.

After we return from vacation, I have to hit the ground running. I was offered a summer class and it starts the 13th, which is the week of Summerfest. So that week I'll be catching up after vacation while I teach calculus and get ready for Summerfest. This is not going to be a fun week.

After that it should settle down somewhat. I'll get the kids in swim lessons and we'll get a nice routine going. My class will run for eight weeks so that'll be a constant pain and will probably interfere with swim lessons.