Monday, April 04, 2005

Sonshine's Position On Gay Marriage

OK, so I made the post title a little bit sensational. Sonshine doesn't really have a position on gay marriage. He's too young to understand the issue. But he's not too young to realize that he gets a rise out of people whenever he says "What if two men could marry each other?"

Sonshine came by this question in the natural way kids do when asking questions about the world. It first came up in the context of a general discussion on who can marry whom. Right before it was brought up, we were discussing that you can't marry anyone in your family. So this is not an issue of sexuality for Sonshine, it's just one of several possible permutations of two people. He noticed, however, that it was a question that made people react oddly, so he thought he'd ask it over and over to observe their reactions.

Sonshine enjoys saying things that are provocative, just to see how people react. He has a history of this, dating back to the "naked dancing" incident at church. After he danced around saying "naked dancing! naked dancing!" at church and we had to assure everyone that we really didn't expose him to naked dancing, we forbade him to say the word "naked" for a while-- not because it was a bad word, but because that was just the apex of a series of events in which he used the word "naked" in public to elicit a reaction from his audience. After that it was "nipples" and he was forbidden to say that word too, unless he had a medical reason. The gay marriage question is just the latest in a string of provocative words that he uses in his experiments on us. Since he's already established that there are provocative words, he's moved on to provocative phrases.