Sunday, April 03, 2005

Wait Patiently

I'm trying to "school my feelings" about my Favorite Husband. We are missing dinner at my parents' house because back when we were only 15 minutes late for dinner, he decided that NOW is the appropriate time to thoroughly clean the van and shampoo the seats and carpets. He said it would only take "a minute" but he never thinks these things through. It probably never entered his mind that to do what he wanted to do would take at least 45 minutes, not counting drying time for the wet upholstery, and dinner had probably already started.

So I'm trying to convince myself that I should not be stressed out about this, that it's not an important engagement. I'm also telling myself that if I let FH have this experience, maybe then he'll realize that what I've been telling him for the last 12 years about time management is actually true: that things don't take one actual minute just because they are not complex tasks, that fifteen actual one-minute tasks done together take fifteen minutes instead of one, etc. etc.