Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Passover, followed by Passout

We had our Seder dinner last night at my sister L----'s. It went well. I forgot to bring my pitchers for the grape juice (which we drink instead of wine), but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. L---- had seated me at the same table as my younger sister, who was really pissed at me because I'd been dragged into negotiations between her and a client over a book that the client wanted ready earlier than expected. So I volunteered to spend a good deal of time serving grape juice instead of sitting in my seat. I tell you, you could not pay me enough to go back to the immaturity of my early twenties. Every run-in with my younger sister reminds me of that painful era. I must have been a real bear to deal with. (Sorry, Mom! I'm getting easier to handle...)

The kids sucked down grape juice like black holes. Bagel discovered haroset (the spicy apple mixture that represents the mortar the Israelite slaves used to build with) and refused to eat anything else. I made the haroset different this year, and everyone loved it. In past years I've used just apples, honey, and spices-- a kind of minimalist haroset. (We've always left out the nuts for my brother Little D who's allergic to nuts.) But this year I threw in some dried apricots and raisins, powdered ginger and lime juice powder. Not enough to make it "ginger-lime dried-fruit haroset", just enough to give it a little flavor kick. I got the idea from a recipe for a Middle Eastern haroset that FH found. He waved it in my face and I said "whatever," but he left it out where I'd see it and it inspired me. That's what I love about that man-- his persistence. It's a quality one has to have in order to deal with someone as stubborn as me. ;)

And of course, what comes after we gorge ourselves at Passover? Pass-Out.