Monday, March 28, 2005

A Letter To Lemony Snicket

[Note: If you've read the series and the Unauthorized Autobiography, this will make much more sense to you.]

Dear Mr. Snicket,

I was reading your Unauthorized Autobiography, and I came across something that just rang where my brain should have been, somewhere between my ears. In "The Wide Window," I noticed that Ike Anwhistle, formerly the husband of Aunt Josephine, is introduced to the unfortunate series for the first time. If he's an important character, is he the one who rescues the Baudelaire children in the end? I know he's supposed to be dead, but Sebald is too, right? Right after he used the Sebald code in "Zombies In The Snow," wasn't he killed, or found dead at any rate? I hope my phone will ring sometime with your answer to my pressing question. I can only pray you have got my message.

[Wacky Hermit]