Sunday, March 27, 2005

Craft Show in Ogden

I spent a lot of time and effort getting ready for the show I did on Saturday in Ogden. Alas, it was in vain. You could count on one hand the number of customers who came to the show, even though it was advertised. The good news is, I was able to sell a few things to the other vendors and make back my booth fee.

The bad news is, I don't have two things I was hoping to get out of this show. One, of course, was the money to fund my venture into scarf dyeing; but there are always other sources of money. The other was something more valuable-- information. I needed the information that only customers could give me-- what they look at, what they handle, what comments they make while they're looking and handling. That information could be the difference between a success and a failure at Summerfest (assuming I'm accepted at Summerfest) or some other big show.

I did get a couple of ideas. One was that I need to make more ponchos that larger women can wear. I've had a couple of larger women try on my ponchos, and by the looks on their faces I can tell that they've tried on lots of ponchos and none of them fit right. When I think back to all the ponchos I've seen, I notice that they are mostly cut for skinny people. So plus size ponchos would be a good thing.

The other idea is that I need to find some Sonshine-proof way to put up my mirror for people to admire themselves in the ponchos. Suggestions are welcome...