Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I Can't Believe He Actually Did It!!!

I'm glad I didn't learn my lesson about buying blogads out of pity for my blogfriends in need of advertising revenue. Last month I bought one on SCSU Scholars, which produced no sales. But then Michael Williams came out with his plea for payola, and I took pity on him. I gave up two weeks of ad on The American Street so that I could afford an ad on his blog, hoping that maybe some youngish ladies with chilly shoulders might wander past his site. But since he said he was looking for payola, and payola involves an endorsement from the person being paid, I got him to (virtually) try on one of my ponchos and plug them on his site! And already I'm getting a clickthru rate five times what I've gotten previously. This payola thing might just work out!

This guy must be really desperate if he's willing to publish a picture of himself wearing a women's poncho for a few lousy bucks. If anybody's got a job for him, please stop by his blog and let him know.