Saturday, January 08, 2005

Making Lemonade

I got a huge (11 lb.) cone of this really nice white rayon chenille. There's just one problem with it: it's heavily twisted, so when I knit things out of it, they bias something awful. (For the uninitiated, biasing is when you attempt to knit a rectangle and get a parallelogram instead.) Now I know why it was so cheap...

Fortunately, I'm good at making lemonade out of the lemons life throws at me. It is now my challenge to design a poncho made entirely of parallelograms. I can do this!

I also found a tip from Maggie's Rags to strand the chenille with a thin thread; this is also supposed to prevent worming, the other nasty problem with chenille. I can do this too!

Lastly, I read that tuck stitch (and other, more time-consuming stitches like seed stitch) will counteract the biasing. Since tuck stitch is the easiest of these to do on the knitting machine, I think I will try that too. I got a wacky idea to try a tuck stitch with dropped stitches on either side of the tuck; it should make a rather lacy effect.