Thursday, January 27, 2005

Flu Update

Tiny Princess doesn't have a fever any more and will probably go back to school tomorrow if she keeps on not having a fever. Sonshine, Bagel and I are still running fevers. Favorite Husband (I think) is still running a fever, but I didn't locate the thermometer until after he'd left for work. He's still going to work because he doesn't have enough sick days built up.

I'm worried about Bagel. He seems to be getting a little dehydrated. I tried to give him some Pedialyte, but he won't drink from the bottle. He's nursing, but he's not getting the milk to let down at some feedings. His poor little throat is sore, and he's developed this fondness for squeezing and pinching me while he nurses, to the point where he's leaving bruises and breaking my skin.

Sonshine is terribly upset because he has missed his weekly trip to the library. You just can't take a kid's trip to the library away from him, even if he is sick. Sonshine is also starting to complain about the poor service he gets when I'm sick. I mean, he had to wait a whole 15 minutes to be served breakfast, and his favorite shirt was still not in his drawer after he'd put it in the wash!

UPDATE: I took Bagel to the doctor this morning. A friend had to drive me because I was too ill to drive. Bagel's got a little bit of an infection, but I've got pneumonia. So we're both on antibiotics.