Monday, January 24, 2005

Can't Think Much

I can't think of much to say; I've been rather taciturn lately, sometimes going days without posting. So I'll post a story from my high school days.

I hung out with a group of friends next to the building with the science classrooms. One day, my friend Eric, always the provocateur, wore a T-shirt that said "F#%^ Iraq" in prominent black letters, more for the shock value of the F-word than for a political statement. He knew, of course, that as soon as he got to school he would be asked to cover it up, so he had brought a button-front shirt as well. Eric spent the day "flashing" his message at passersby.

As Mr. Fife (our mild-mannered, avuncular chemistry teacher) walked by, Eric flashed him. Mr. Fife paused, blinked, and after thinking for a moment about how to react said, "I don't know what that word means."

My friend Irad, the class clown, piped up helpfully, "It's a country in the Middle East!"