Thursday, January 20, 2005

Begging For Ideas

I'm swallowing my pride and jumping on the bandwagon of bloggers in need of cash. However, since I don't have Blogads, I am begging for ideas of stuff to sell or ways to market it. Here's what I've got so far:
  • Buy microfiber towels from Sam's Club; use to make diaper doublers and sell on eBay
  • Make diaper soakers from wool yarn which I've already got, and sell on eBay
  • More aggressive marketing of ponchos (so long as it doesn't involve spending money), although I have no idea what form that would take
I don't want to try selling the ponchos on eBay; the handmade ponchos that sell on eBay have insanely low price points like $10 or $15. My ponchos are cheap, but not that cheap. Diaper soakers, however, do sell. A nice 100% wool one might go for $5-10, and I have enough yarn to make about 5 on the knitting machine in natural and a few more in gray. I could Kool-Aid dye the natural ones into baby colors, and possibly overdye the gray ones. I saw some microfiber diaper doublers selling on eBay for approximately $1 each. A package of 12 towels costs about $8 and would make at least 24 doublers, so that might get me some quick bucks.

What do you think? Any ideas? Any of the above sound good to you?