Friday, June 04, 2004

Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

M's llama-owning friend gave her some of last year's llama wool for a present, so M came over yesterday afternoon, and we began processing the wool. We got one load of it washed yesterday, and I did the rest of it today. We washed them in Dreft because I couldn't find my bottle of Woolite, and I don't have any Ivory Snow (for some reason our Wal-Mart didn't carry it, and I forgot to look for it at the grocery store, which is why I bought the Dreft instead even though I hate the smell of Dreft.) I couldn't believe how much it shrunk in volume once we got the dirt out of it.

Anyway, there are now three lingerie bags of llama wool hanging on my porch railing. They were pretty stinky when they arrived, but now they don't smell any more. My nose is admittedly a bit stuffy, but I don't even think they smell like Dreft (which is a good thing).

Now we have to find something to card the wool with. Preferably a drum carder (they're much faster and easier to operate than hand cards). For those not in the know, carding is the process of brushing the wool (like brushing your hair). After it's carded it will be spun into yarn. After that, M can make the yarn into cool things like this.