Saturday, May 15, 2004

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine...

The Gardener's Market went well. We had $45 in revenues, not including trades. Not as much as last week, but not bad considering that last week was right before Mother's Day. Only organic stuff sold this week. All but one of the organic hot mitts are gone, so I'll have to make some more. M's new design of an accordion photo album was the only thing she sold today. She has some more supplies coming in this week, so she should have more saleable stuff next week.

Trades went better for me than for M this time; M didn't make any trades today. I had a great trade with the baker's daughter for a loaf of organic rye bread from the brand new bakery in town, and I got the pitcher I wanted from the potter this time. So I came home with a loaf of bread, and a jug (wine and thou not included, with apologies to Omar Khayyam).

UPDATE: a link to the pertinent background information on Khayyam, for the culturally illiterate.