Monday, April 19, 2004

Why I Like To Sew

There are several reasons why I like to sew, knit, etc.

(1) Because I enjoy being able to say "screw off" to the clothing designers who think my family and I should be wearing hideous colors and trashy styles this year
(2) Because I relish the challenge of making something out of virtually nothing
(3) Because I love the way my kids feel in cuddly flannel jammies
(4) Because I love thumbing my nose at the government which hasn't officially approved that cuddly flannel for jammies because it is insufficiently fireproof (like fabric is supposed to be fireproof??? Asbestos jammies???)
(5) Because I love how my kids feel like I'm hugging them all over every time they wear something I made
(6) Because I like seeing the looks on people's faces when I tell them "It's my own design." They tend to look at me as if they wish to bow down and worship me now as the Goddess of Creativity. (But then I get sick of that attitude, and I just want friends who will respect my craftsmanship.)